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DCU Fashion Show | Dystopia V Utopia

DCU Fashion Show | Dystopia V Utopia

DCU Style Society presents Dystopia vs Utopia. A student run fashion with a team that includes: stylists, models, choreographers and producers.

The show that will be divided into two parts: Dystopia will be a darker take on fashion, with muted tones and futuristic fabrics. While Utopia will be a more bright and colorful take on fashion, so something for everyone.

The show is presented by James Kavanagh and Andrea Horan. The event will also showcase the winning designs from our project young designer event and will include shops such as Pennys, Coast, Nine Crows and many more.

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  • Ticket prices:

    All Tickets: €12.00
    Babies (Up to one year) FREE

  • Dates:

    20 February 2018

    From 20 February 2018
    To 1 January 0001


  • Event type:

  • Venue:

    The Mahony Hall

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