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Emmanuel 2018

Emmanuel 2018

By The Liturgical Resource Centre

Emmanuel 2018 at the Helix

Over 2500 students (approx. 600 each day) from 70 Second Level Schools will participate in Emmanuel 2018 this year.

Come and be energised by these young people praising God with energy and enthusiasm.


Show Dates & Times
Monday 26th February 7.30pm
Tuesday 27th February 7.30pm
Wednesday 28th February 7.30pm
Thursday 1st March 7.30pm

A full list of participating schools available on and their relevant concert dates are on this website which also contains the Liturgical Song list for this year.

Get tickets
  • Ticket prices:

    All Tickets: €12.00
    Please note booking fees apply

  • Dates:

    26 February 2018

    From 26 February 2018
    To 1 March 2018


  • Event type:

  • Venue:

    The Mahony Hall

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