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Tradition continued | By Bulgarian Folk Ensemble Bobov Dol

Tradition continued | By Bulgarian Folk Ensemble Bobov Dol

Bulgarian folk music is unique with its variety of irregular meters – evolved through generations since ancient times. Folk ensemble “Bobov dol” present you the opportunity to experience for the first time in Ireland the bouquet of selected songs, dances and live music.

Most of the young performers (24 on stage) are with the ensemble since its founding in 2006. They continue the tradition – researching and presenting folklore from the region of Bobov dol (Shopluk) and neighbouring Pirin. Young women in the group not only learn songs and dances from their grandmothers but they give new life to the inherited impressive, masterly hand-made costumes.

Musicians from the ensemble play live the instrument–legend whose name overcomes geographical barriers and preserves the name of the nation that created it - known throughout the world today as Tanbour Boulghary.


Sunday February 4th: 2.30pm & 6.00pm

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    Adult Prices: €30.00, €28.00 & €25.00
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  • Dates:

    4 February 2018

    From 4 February 2018
    To 4 February 2018

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    The Theatre

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