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Myra's Story - Written by Brian Foster - Starring Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley

Myra's Story - Written by Brian Foster - Starring Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley


Homeless, middle-aged Dublin street drinker, Myra McLaughlin, gives a hilarious, harrowing, and ultimately heart-breaking re-enactment of her fall from grace. From fresh-faced teenage bride living in Tallaght, to housewife and mother, to the pitiful condition we find her in today. 

Myra is foul-mouthed and feisty … and also hugely funny and self-deprecating. It’s a late December morning. Desperate for her first drink of the day, she begs from the passing throngs at her ‘regular patch’ next to Ha’penny Bridge. Between begging, she re-lives her rollercoaster back story. Along the road of Myra’s journey, we meet an assortment of incredible characters and events that have coloured her life. And we get to see working class Dublin life and death at its funniest, rawest and cruellest.

166 performances of Myra’s Story have brought 166 rousing standing ovations from a combined audience of 50,000+ in Ireland, USA and Canada. Described by critics as ‘magnificent!’ and  ‘electrifying theatre’.

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    Full Price: €18.00
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  • Dates:

    21 September 2019

    From 21 September 2019
    To 22 September 2019


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    The Theatre