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Seamus O' Rourke - Stripped and Ready

Seamus O' Rourke - Stripped and Ready

Irish Poet and actor, Seamus O’Rourke is joined by Singer/Songwriter Fiona Maria FitzPatrick, renowned musician, Seanán Brennan (from Irish Folk Group Kíla) and London based piper, John Devine for a rare and raw glimpse of rural Irish life in the modern day.

Often uproarious – often sad – sometimes silly, but always stimulating – This quartet will bring you off to the far fields – break your back with honest toil – Drive you on like there’s no tomorrow, but they will always feed you well. 

‘A Beautiful Evening of Music, Song and Story’

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    All Tickets €25
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  • Dates:

    6 March 2019

    From 6 March 2019
    To 1 January 0001


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  • Venue:

    The Mahony Hall